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Dec 2: Decent dbj today but nothing over the top - all the windsurfers were out so guess they thought it was just right. Also clear, crisp winter sky. Been cold this year - feels like Christmas/New Year level of cold but a month early. Still nice weather - a bit of sun, not too windy. Fireflies still out. Very slow moving low on the forecast chart for the coming week that may develop. Heading vaguely towards nth ppe. Continuing problem with the ferret/badger type thing. It's main focus is the eggs, but it will take a chicken out if it gets in range and it's scaring the shit out of the hens and they are getting nervous about laying in the nest box. Been setting cage trap but no success so far, even though the eggs laid as bait have gone missing.

Dec 9: Finally caught ferret (chr sye mong). Has a range of sounds, including a fierce quack, a soft mournful moan, and a cat on heat type sound. Gives off an unpleasant smell that smells very much like the inside of a fisherman's catch basket after it's been left out in the sun for a while. Taiwan animal book lists them as rare, but there seem to be reasonable numbers. Released it up in the mountains near a stream away from me and other chicken farmers. Noticed first red durian in the last few days - actually a few of them around and saw one on property for first time today. Green fireflies still going as are the hornets. Cold front currently crossing taiwan but doesn't seem to be packing much rain. Just arriving here now with wind gusts and a temp drop but no rain so far. Prior to that it was hot, t-shirt weather today with a moderate dbj. Apart from that one day of rain a couple of weeks ago it has been very dry.

Dec 14: had the dead calm followed by some rain(albeit under 2 mil)and more forecast, so it seems that calm thing is sign, in winter at least. Also strong, sleep disturbing leg pain - don't know if that is a sign as well or just associated with a cold that is going around. Rain did finally arrive. Although still just drizzle, it's enough to water garden around 5 mil.

Dec 15: Meanwhile, Orchid Is. has had 340 mil and counting in the last few days as a huge band of rain crosses taiwan. Ilan also getting big falls. Leg pain did stop once it rained.

Dect 17: Large rainband associated with coldfront drenched the island last night. Lots of thunder and lightning - can't remember that happening in Dec before - included one crack that knocked the internet off its perch momentarily. Huge falls in Reifang in north east - 500 mil in last few days - not bad going for for the 'dry season'. More moderate here but a good solid rain all the same (approx 27 mil. Still looks to be a bit in it tonight). No wind yet. Was expecting a temp plunge and big dbjf but that hasn't happened yet - maybe tomorrow. Still the odd hornet and fireflies. Planted 'Luan Shu' and mandarine trees yesterday.

Dec 20: A stationary front has moved in and kept things wet and cold for the last few days. Today felt like the coolest day yet this winter. I doubt it got above 18 with some drizzle.

Dec 26: Generally unstable but mild weather over the last few days, but a wicked front is moving in tonight. Temps will drop by at least 6c overnight and are forecast not to get above 17c tomorrow, which would make this the coldest front of the winter. Right now at 2100 winds are blowing strong and temps are dropping fast. When I left Zhiben at 1500 today it was raining and cold, yet on my drive home I found that it had not rained at all here in Dulan aside from some drizzle. This is a strong front. The rain in Zhiben was coming in over the central range, but hadn't made it over the coastal range yet. It's finding its way here now though.

Dec Rainfall: 48.5 (low west of ppe feeding up through cold front - lots of thunder and lightning)

RAINFALL 2013 TOTAL: 2061.5mm (ave for Taidong: 1779) 80 mm above the ave - a lot of that due to big typhoon falls in Sep and big Mei yu.

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