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  • Dec 4: Temperatures have ranged between 17-24 the last few days bringing us the first real taste of winter. There has not been much in the way of DBF yet, aside of the one day last week. Typhoon Bopha is crossing the Philippines on a NW track, and it has the potential to loop back around, possibly bringing us heavy rain late this week or early next. Lots of fireflies around before the cold air came through.
  • Dec 10: Typical wet weather, highs today expected to be 20-21, lows last night at 15, with temperature warming to 26 over the next week. DBF still has not made a lasting visit.
  • Dec 13: Yesterday (12th) Zhiben had no dbf at all. In fact it was a beautiful, sunny, warm day, yet I understand here in Donghe it was blowing pretty hard. Last night in Donghe the dbf was howling, and we've been getting light rain most of the night and into this morning. EDIT: Started drizzling in Zhiben in the afternoon and we encountered full-on rain on the drive back to Donghe. Very wet day.
  • Dec 23: After days of mild weather punctuated with occasional rain, the dbf has arrived in force. Highs today should be around 20, warming later in the week. Around this time, the autumn fireflies finished.
  • Dec 26: 18 degrees at 10:00am, with light showers
  • Dec 30: Major winter storm, biggest that i have seen and similar to a typhoon. Started suddenly around 5am and continued at full strength for just an hour or so. Included wind that must have been close to 100kph and driving rain. Not expecting it, the metal shutters here were open and rain came through the seals under the windows and flooded the living room. Most likely cause was moisture feeding up from an outflow trail of a typhoon that passed through ppe and was situated just off the coast of south China which interacted with a big dbjf coming down from the north west. Similar situation looks to be shaping up for Wed night-Thurs so am keen to find out what happens - but will be surprised if it's as big as this one.
  • Dec 31: Rainfall total for Dec: 79ml. Well above ave and still getting decent rains associated with typhoons passing through ppe that appear to be adding moisture to the north east monsoon.

The post at details rainfall totals for the year.

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