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Aug 3, Northern Rivers: Spring seasonal-changes evident - been warmer - haven't lit fire for a few night. Noticed small insects (fruitflies?) have appeared suddenly. Wallabies not seen during day but saw one last night. Probably linked to wedge-tailed eagle which is still around. Black cockatoo phenomenon has continued - still big flocks hanging around. Wind has been stronger than i remember from previous winters - usually comes in September. Is there a global-windiness scale?

Aug 5, Kanagawa: A continuation of the second half of July - very hot and humid, highs in the low to mid 30's but the humidity adds a bite to that. We've had a couple very brief showers in August. High today of 35. Storms are approaching.

Aug 16, Kanagawa: There has been a shift in the weather. A stationary front has moved in which has brought the temps down about 5C, high today of 27, and will be bringing us intermittent rain for the next few days, sometimes heavy. This type of front at this time of year has caused severe flooding a couple times in the past few years. Cicadas are off the charts on the volume.

Aug 16, NR: A run of cold nights was followed by a run of warm ones - need a jumper but again no heater for 3 nights - supposed to get cold tomorrow - but overall great weather. 'Blackie' the raven is getting less suspicious of me - will come when he's called, fly to his perch at the back door, wait for his treat. They do this 'self-conscious' thing that most other birds don't - quite cat-like. Butcher birds have suddenly turned up again - one of them i haven't seen for nearly a year. Also looking for scraps to feed the young i guess. The buff-barred rail, which seemed to be living under the porch, has now moved on. Pity.

Aug 21, Kanagawa: Continued hot weather. Highs every day in the low 30's, humid. This morning I saw an interesting display of what I think were mullet jumping in the Tokyo Bay. See it here: I found a YouTube posting of the same type of thing: Apparently, nobody knows for sure why this happens. We did have a small earthquake this morning.

Aug 28, Kanagawa: It's currently 34 at 2:00PM with a forecast high today of 35, blazing sun, almost no breeze. It's been in the 30's every day this month I believe.

Aug 31, NR: Oscillating between warm and cool - must have been one frost coz it killed my tomato seedlings. Ravens are busy with societal affairs - they have a human-like routine. Although they live in an immediate-family of two or three, they get up and go to work which involves a lot interaction with the wider raven community of 20-30 birds. Guess it's a mixture of defining their personal territory and maybe organizing arranged-marriages and territory for their offspring - involves a lot of 'talking'. Scarlett honeyeaters appeared about around the middle of the month - they are the classic twitterers. Wallabies around but mostly at night. Checked water level in tank - lower than i'd hoped - my own fault really. There was so much rain in summer-autumn that it blew out one of the pipes from the roof gutter - never bothered fixing it coz tank was already overflowing. But the dry season does involve a few months with almost no rain so you need to catch what you can. Should be ok. Compounded by fucking cows getting into house area and standing on pipe for shed tank - which resulted in it being drained.

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