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August 2, Aomori: Warm, humid, summery day. High today of 25. Partly cloudy, lots of fog in the mornings.

Aug 4, Northern Rivers: Another false dawn with the cockatoos moving on - they didn't - still as loud and annoying as ever. Nice weather though, low 20's, cold nights.

Aug 10, Aomori: It's been hot and humid most of the month. The last couple of days have seen highs in the low 30's. Forecast to hit 33-35 tomorrow. The average for this time of year is 26 high and 19 low. I've been able to spot a few Kingfishers lately. Beautiful, graceful birds. |

Aug 11, Aomori: It hit 35 today, which I think is the hottest we've experienced here in Aomori. The average high this time of year is 26 and low 19. Our low tonight is forecast to be 24.

Aug 14, NR: Just heard the call of the black cockatoo - the harbinger of rain. It is indeed forecast for tomorrow. Assume they are flying ahead of the rain front. Temps up to 25C this week and last night i didn't need the heater until about 7pm - first time it hasn't been turned on at nightfall for several months. That's perfect weather but also a sign that it won't last. The 'fear of summer' is starting to creep in - trying to get as much outside work done as possible before it starts hitting 30.

Aug 15, Aomori: It has been at or above 30 every day since last post. The average high this time of year is around 26, so it's safe to say we're experiencing a heat wave. This would be no huge deal living in Taiwan, but after living through three winters here and having our body thermostats reset, it seems quite hot and uncomfortable.

Aug 20, NR: The 'reverse dong-bei-ji-fong' started yesterday. Quite unpleasant ill-wind feel to it, around 30-40kph from the north west (though it swirls). Today it's worse coz a lot of smoke haze due to this being the time when farmers/government agencies do their burning off. Whether it should be done in such high-wind conditions is debatable. It's unlikely to cause too much damage coz things are still pretty green but the problems arise if the spring rains don't come and the fires never get extinguished. Anyway, it's a notable seasonal change. Felt some joint/muscle pain but don't know if it's connected. Planted out spring crop last week - tomatoes, green pepper, rocket, snow peas, lettuce, zucchini, chamomile, artemisia. Forecast says chance of a late frost this weekend but have rigged up frost protection cloth.

Aug 22, NR: Wind has continued unabated - today is perhaps the biggest, around 40 kph sustained with bigger gusts. Very unpleasant. Arthritis attack episode is into it's 4th day, which coincides with the big winds, though at least the 'flu-like' aspect of it has somewhat abated today. Just checked entry for last year - exact same scenario with the wind (but no mention of arthritis) though it started earlier, around Aug 8.

Aug 24, NR: Wind finally stopped today and we resumed perfect weather, and no wind forecast for next week. So that was 5 days of wind - not bad compared to a season of it in Taitung. Frost predicted for tonight - didn't seem that cold early evening but can feel the temp plumetting now. (Again same as last year - wind stops the night time temp drops)

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