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August 1, Aomori: 35C and sunny, and it's forecast to be in the low 30s for the next week. Be careful what you wish for!

August 9, Aomori: The high today is predicted to be 33 and the high tomorrow is predicted to be 23, quite a difference. It was 27 at 5AM today.

Aug 9, Northern Rivers: Noticed a seasonal change last week - nights not as cold - though another cold run is forecast in coming days. Up to 26 yesterday supposedly. Windy season appears to have started as of yesterday - coming from north west, which is different from the previous wind i've seen here. Planted some early tomatoes as an experiment - most of the winter crop seems to be doing ok - some insect damage to leafy things but not decimated at this stage

Aug 9, Aomori: 8:30PM definitely some weather moving in. Windy, some light rain, swift temperature drop. Nice! One thing I missed living in the tropics was the relative lack in weather differentiation. We definitely have that here. Meaning we always have something to bitch about I guess. But this, the change, the transition, this is what I enjoy.

Aug 12, Northern Rivers: Reminds me of the Dong Bei Ji Fong recently with a run of windy days - except it's coming from the north west (I think) and it's spring not autumn - makes sense i guess when you're down-under. Blew pretty strong for three days - maybe it's the valley effect but some plastic wrapping rubbish blew out of a basket on the west side of the house rounded the south side and ended up on the east side of the house - not even sure how that's possible - guess it's swirling. Cold returned - couple of nights nudging zero

Aug 14 Aomori: Nice weather. Warm and breezy with highs in the low twenties. Very unstable weather with typhoon Krosa arriving in southern Japan. Overall, nice weather.

Aug 30 Aomori: August has been a reasonably pleasant month, certainly better than July. Lots of warm days and sunshine. Yesterday it hit 30 with lots of sun, today it's cloudy with a high of 22. It's been quite humid. We've had a few earthquakes this month.

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