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Aug 3, Aomori: The weather has been so great I forgot about this diary completely. Beautiful days, beautiful nights. Highs between the mid 20s to low 30s. We drove inland the other day and it was 36, a bit warm. Highs this weekend to be in low 20s. Love it. Lots of strange bug sounds, one that we thought was a bird is a type of cicada. Lots of migratory birds. Overall a great place to be in the summer.

Aug 6, Aomori: A couple days ago it was 36C, right now it's 17. That's quite a difference.

Aug 9, Aomori: Typhoon Shanshan is making its way up the east coast. We're getting rain and the surf was acting like there was a typhoon in the area, but otherwise this will not affect us much. In fact we're planning a drive up the coast tomorrow to the northeast type on Honshu

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