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Taidong, Aug 12: There was a follow-up earthquake from the one south of Orchid Island two weeks ago. A small one right here and then a 5M just near Cheng Gong a couple of days later. Also 4G phone kept switching to 3G in days prior - not sure if there's any connection there. Been bloody hot with no rain. Taipei reached 38.5 and must be in record breaking territory for August heat - seems like it's 37+ there every day. Also full sunshine from sunup to sundown. Amazingly, still getting a few tomatoes. Water supply is holding but will need rain soon. New sighting of blue bird

Taidong, Aug 31: Baking hot run of 3 weeks or more of no rain and punishing sun from sun-up to sundown (including a record run of 36+ days in Taipei - many of them 37s - 14 or 15), but then it did relent, with a minor bang, when typhoon Hato passed to the south of Taiwan about a week ago - actually picked the gap perfectly between Taiwan and PPE and became a big deal in Hong Kong, which was well prepared, and Macau, which was hopelessly underprepared supposedly due to casino corruption which applied pressure to downgrade the threat so it wouldn't affect business (there was an article) about it). Has been another TD since then which has brought cooler temps and some rain. Saw first yellow wagtail today and first pink blossoms on thorny tree near main gate

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