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Aug 8: It has been a quiet and very hot few weeks. Today was more humid than recent days. There's a disorganized system east of the Philippines that probably will amount to nothing. We are in the grips of the long hot summer. Only a typhoon or fall will give us relief.

Aug 12: Saw a couple of green fireflies - was surprised to see them this early. phoneix tree blooming

Aug 16: The searing heat of June and July appear to be gone, at least for now. Today is warm, expected high of 31, but with a breeze and plenty of clouds. We are surrounded by lows.

Aug 23: leaves of tree in back yard all turned a dead brown = looked like the tree had died - but then re-leafed. all this within the space of two weeks. Typhoon trami formed just off the mid east coast, meandered south east and then looped back and passed just over northern taiwan. huge rain in the north west (700mm) - and most parts of taiwan copped big falls - but only about 60mil here over the course of several days. no frontal winds but the back half winds kicked up about 4 hours after eye passed taipei. not huge, but blew solidly for 12 hours. Pretty sticky prior to winds and rain here, and a possible foehn effect, but not as big as last month's. Then quite pleasantly cool. Has actually been a quite bearable august, with lots of cloud around from typhoons and a few showers to break things up.

Aug 25: In a very late summer, inter-typhoon, unstable cycle. Trami just passed and there's another low forming SE of us in the usual location. Hot, humid days, highs in low thirties, with slighly cooler nights than June and July, lows 26 or 27, according to CWB anyway. Largish bat has been hanging around the house at night.

Aug 31: small typ packing big rain moved up the coast but stayed east of taiwan. brought huge falls to south west coast - 1500mm+ over three days - caused major landslides - moderate rain here (70mm over 4-5 days). Losts of cloud cover and moderate temps for aug. gathering of tu fong on my porch - likely that they found a hive to raid nearby but couldn't locate it.

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