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April 6, NR: Very wet. Raining most days, though without any major event, touch wood. Interestingly, since the big floods in 2022, where there were several East Coast Lows, there's hardly been one since. There is a flood event happening currently but it's further south down in Sydney. Wallabies have returned but still much less than before. Temps are moderate - day time around mid-20s mostly & lows around 18C. Been around 20-23C in bedroom at bedtime. Some colder/drier air due in a few days.

April 13, Kanagawa: Today was the turning point, it appears. High in the very low 20's and that is to continue for the next couple of weeks, so I guess until fall. Up until today, April sucked, mostly, with wet, chilly weather. Bugs are all of the sudden appearing, cherry blossoms in full bloom. Interestingly, they predicted the cherry blossoms to arrive a couple days early this year but they ended up blooming a couple days later than usual.

April 22, NR: This is getting depressing. Unrelenting rain now for several months - pretty much since New Year's Eve. So much for the El Nino effect. Big falls this weekend (over 100mm), ground is bogged up. Chooks afflicted with some kind of disease, almost certainly related to the continuous rain. Three have caught it - one miraculously survived but the other two didn't. Can't work out what it is exactly - doesn't seem to fit the common diseases. Foamy, white/yellow droppings. loss of appetite, listlessness. Have given the shed a deep clean, installed two ag-pipes in outside run, & added sand to run, but what i really need is for it to stop fucking raining for five minutes. Seen wild dog here twice over the last few days to add to the chooks' peril, though it hasn't gotten one so far. Harvested pecan nuts - lots of them but it's an effort to get shells off. Would need a machine to make it commercially viable. Harvested all tomato plants except one - later harvested ones seem more tasty. Last one is still a week away at least - looks like it will be good.

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