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April 9, Northern Rivers: The big wet may have finally finished with subtropical low moving down from just off the coast towards NZ - it had been blocked by a High, hence the days of rain. Today is the first sunny day in a long time and no rain forecast for a week. 15C this morning with high around 29. Lows expected to drop this week down to 11. Haven't started heater yet but might need to soon. No cockatoos which has been one blessing from the constant rain. Have seen what i think is brown koel a few times. Wedge-tailed eagle has been around. Garlic sprouting. Pecan leaves turning yellow. Grass has slowed significantly. (a week later was able to get mower down to creek - hadn't mowed there for a month so was expecting a jungle but it wasn't too bad)

April 10, NR: This is probably the last day of summer. Temp expected to hit 30 - thereafter it's low to mid twenties. Might celebrate with a few drinks coz won't be sorry to see it go. Had two summers here - the first was a record hot one and this has been a record wet one.

April 12, Kanagawa: April has been brilliant so far with mostly sunny skies, highs around 20 or just a hair under, and lows in the 10-15 range. It's been very comfortable, pleasant. Cherry blossoms are gone but lots of various things flowering.

April 16, Kanagawa: Windy and sunny morning. had sustained SW winds last night at 40kt with gusts over 50. Right now they're 20kt with gusts over 30. We're looking at a forecast for a sunny week ahead with highs over 20 every day.

April 21, Kanagawa: Another beautiful day with low wind, no clouds at all, and a high of 22.

April 26, NR: There's a 'ships passing' alignment with Kanagawa going on - i could nearly copy paste Dan's comments - except for the wind - of which there's none. We had a temp plunge a few days ago - down to 5C overnight - but the Min has been back over 10 the last two nights. Seems like 11-12 is the heater threshold - as it's some effort to get the fire going, you don't want to waste one if it's not needed. Wedge-tailed eagles around most days - which probably explains why the wallabies are not. Pretty much no cockatoos. Avocado still producing. Pumpkins going strong - have harvested about 9-10, with another 4 at least still ripening - that's a year's supply of pumpkin. Grass has barely grown since cutting it after last rain. It seems to have got the shut-down signal - not sure if this is triggered by temp or day length.

April 28, Kanagawa: Warm, balmy morning. It was 17 at 5:30AM, but felt closer to 20. Had a nice walk around the bay before work. Calm, very calm. Even next to the water there was no breeze.

April 30, NR: Rain has returned though nothing dramatic. Expected to hang around a few more days. Nights getting down to 11-13 min so not too cold. If i don't light the fire i feel a bit cold - if i light it it feels too hot. Wallabies returned with the rain - they seem to feel more secure in the daytime if raining - probably coz it prevents eagles from soaring. Ravens have got some societal thing going. They live in small family groups of just parents and kid(s) but spend the day communicating with other family units in the area - apart from combining for any alarm situation, staking territory, suspect part of it is negotiating a place in society for their kids, who do get moved on from the family patch after a year. One of 'my' ravens (adult) has developed a sore foot, which has made him/her less wary of me. He will sit on a post near the house when he wants to be fed and has dropped the whole act where i'm just this dumb-arse that he steals food off. He now acknowledges that i am deliberately giving it to him. Will also self-consciously preen when i'm looking at him whereas before he'd always retreat if looked directly at him. They are quite cat-like in their behaviour.

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