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April 6, Aomori: It was snowing this morning when I got up. It's still snowing. It's not sticking. The cherry trees are budding. Signs of live appearing here and there.

April 9, Aomori: It's beginning to feel a bit more like spring. The lows are still nearing 0, certainly in the single digits, with highs between 9-15. The sun feels warmer... when it's out. Trees are really trying to come back to life. Grass is starting to grow. Ferns are coming to life.

April 10, Aomori: The sun is out and it's hailing. At least the sun is out.

April 12, NR: Significant temp drop about Apr 5-6 seemed to trigger an arthritis flare-up that lasted 3 nights - aching feeling of an infection in your bones. Apart from that - beautiful weather - mid 20's getting cool at nights but not freezing. Wedge-tailed eagles appeared - three of them - after an absence of many months. Remember seeing them about this time last year - had assumed they were residents but i guess not. Bok choy grew well but was attacked by some insect upon maturity. Cucumber has been abundant for last month. Something stripped the leaves from the beans - assuming an animal coz they disappeared suddenly. Harvesting lettuce, egg plant, first tomatoes. Zucchini petered out. Leeks appearing. Autumn is much drier than last year - which may presage a bad frost season. Cockatoo wars in progress. Massive flock of cockatoos arrive every day for the last month to harvest the pecan nuts. Harsh screeching goes on most of the day as they argue with the corellas, crows, galahs, and themselves. They sleep somewhere else - gather in flocks to fly home in the evening. Some of this year's native plants have died - presumably due to lack of rain but 90% are still ok. No wild mushrooms for a few weeks due to lack of sustained rain.

April 16, NR: This dry spell is turning into something significant so climate change rolls on despite everything. Also hotter than usual with low 30's this week, though night's are around 10-14. Caught an eel which i smoked up in the Weber using wood chips from the Pecan plantation. Boiled it on low heat in brine first. Quite tasty! Regarding the cockatoos - the ravens wake up every morning and go to work herding the cockatoos away from certain trees where they have their nests (even though it's not nesting season). Although the ravens generally stick to their family groups they cooperate with other groups to perform this herding task.

April 24, Aomori April has been unstable with lots of wind, rain, and few sunny days. Cherry blossoms starting coming out in force about a week ago and it looks like they'll hit their peak in the next week or two. There is still snow in the mountains. Lots of new birds arriving. Today is sunny. It was 4C when I got up and it's supposed to hit a high of 10.

April 30, NR: A couple of days of rain - largely unforecast just at the end of April - quite heavy falls around 20 mil i guess. A thunder storm was forecast after that but didn't eventuate here though it was a changing of the guard event in terms of temp. Effected most of Australia which is good going - winds up to 100 kph around Canberra and a blizzard supposedly in the mountains down there. Here it got windy but nothing too dramatic - little bit of lightning on the horizon but didn't make it here. After that it got cold.

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