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April 7, Aomori: April so far has been a huge disappointment with a few nice days but more with various forms of freezing rain. The month so far has been slush in more ways than one. It can't decide what it wants to do. Still, the trees are showing some signs of life, though nothing is truly budding yet. We've had a couple really nice days in the high teens C. But it's been more overcast than previous months.

April 15-25, Aomori: Cherry blossoms have come and are just starting to fall. Temps his 26 three days ago but the high today is to be a miserable 6 with rain, then it's meant to warm up from there. Hopefully this will be the last 'cold' spell of the spring. Birds are appearing. Things are growing.

April 30, Aomori: First day I walked out of the house at 6am in short sleeves and no coat. Highs the last couple of days are in the low to mid 20's. Very nice weather. It's been windy and I'm hoping that's a seasonal thing.

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