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April 2 Kaohsiung: Summer has arrived.

April 11 Taidong: Invasion of caterpillars at beginning of month. Small typhoon to south supposedly though main rain ball came right up the coast of Tadiong and dropped 41mm. Planted a range of native trees, including hinoki. Cool change after typhoon, ne winds - time to savour the last skericks of winter. One last firefly after rain. Asparagus appear finished. A few small tiger head hornets but no sign of giants for several weeks. They seem to emerge during March but then disappear for a while. Largish, single bush pigeon in 'deer paddock' - different from the green one.

April 20 Taidong: Mid-April change was again pronounced - cool the week leading up to it and then bloody hot from 16th. Needed fan to sleep for first time last night - getting close to air con level. Noticed a predominance of southerlies this year in April (continuing the trend of a weak dbjf season), including one that blew through the night last night - quite unusual. This could be El Nino related. Decent falls, well spaced, nearly all unforecast. South wind often signals rain. An array of insects appearing. Lots of brown tiger head hornets , the odd giant. Clumsy brown one is also about. Massive low tide the last couple of days - big teams of aborignal gatherers out on the rocks collecting shellfish, i assume. Suppsed to be coldfront coming through tomorrow.

Just walked out the door and saw a snake perched on a log about shoulder height, just a foot or so away from my head. Seemed to be shaping up to make a strike when i saw it and backed away. Tried to scare it off with an umbrella and eventually succeeded but it took some moving on.

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