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  • April 1 or so Donghe - Jumu driftwood, after washing up on local beaches daily for previous two months, disappeared entirely. Also noticed first half of April: local Donghe beaches show massive shifts of sand, stone, etc.
  • April early Donghe - Lizards are coming out. Large spiders appeared late March/early April with early warm weather. Wasps out in force. Large beetles reappeared for a few days then haven't been seen again for most of April. The 'cow beetle' (天牛 - tiān niú - Longhorn beetle) appeared.
  • April 23 Donghe - Flying ants appeared two nights in a row
  • April 27 Donghe - Small, mostly white bird with orange markings on wings and body spotted. It was a finch-like bird, fast, but even more slender. Very sleek. A water bird?
  • April 28 Donghe - The mei yu has started. Light intermittent rain. Comfortable temperatures.
  • April 29 Donghe - Strong southern wind, warm temperatures (low 30s), partly cloudy, no rain. Wonderful weather, fantastic clouds of various flavors. White caps visible on ocean.
  • April 29 Donghe - What I think was an adolescent habu (龜殼花 gui1ke3hua1) slithered within 18 inches of me as I was sitting outside enjoying the stars. it was quite long, approaching 30 inches, but very slender. Definitely a viper with a triangular head, with habu-type markings on the top of its body but not on the sides. It was aggressive.
  • April 30 Donghe - Saw first stick bug of the season

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