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Documentation on the agricultural use of herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, and othercides in Taiwan

The following information was found regarding the use of insecticides on sugar apples (shi4 jia, 釋迦) in Florida. The most toxic of these appears to be methidathion. A case of methidathion poisoning can be found at This case was either a murder or suicide as the chemical was ingested orally, but it shows at least that methidathion is used in Taiwan, albeit for unorthodox purposes. Most of the chemicals in the list below seem to have a relatively fast soil degradation period with a half life of a couple of weeks up to 16 weeks for fumigated soils, although soil degradation depends largely on variables of humidity, temperature, soil type, and soil organisms. The primary danger of methidathion seems to be in water runoff. It is prevalent in the Sacramento River system (CA, USA) for example. (See The implications of ground water runoff are that people on 'mountain water' in Taitung should inspect from which mountain their water comes.

''Insecticides and miticides registered for use on atemoya and sugar apple in Florida include fenoxycarb (non-bearing trees), pymetrozine (Endeavor® - non-bearing trees), pyrethrin (Pyronyl® - atemoya only), pyrethrin plus rotenone (Pyrellin®), methidathion (Supracide® - sugar apple only), spinosad (SpinTor®), insecticidal oil, kaolin (Surround®), insecticidal soap, Bacillus thuringiensis, azadirachtin, and Beauveria bassiana (Mycotrol®).'' (Found on 131208 at

For searching, the following phrases are useful:

  • soil degradation (for example, methidathion soil degradation)
  • 釋迦殺蟲 (shi4 jia insecticide)
  • 釋迦殺蟲藥 (shi4 jia insecticide)


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