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Terms to add to the dictionary

The following need to be added to the CE dict:

  • 小桶 = xiao3 tong3, keg
  • 麥飯石 = mai4 fan4 shi2, I believe it's the same as 安山石, a volcanic rock used to filter water
  • 鹽酥 = yan2 su = a type of cooking
  • 鹹酥雞 = xian su ji = salty crunchy chicken - the deep fried stuff you can buy on the street
  • 下腰 = a movement made by a ghost in which it bends backward (contorts) for the purpose of scaring the pants off you
  • boric acid 硼酸, 正硼酸
  • bao4 xiang (香) = The cooking step of first cooking ginger, garlic, and possibly onion in hot oil before adding other ingredients. Not sure which bao4 that is.
  • men shao guo = A cooking technique or utensil (鍋) my students tried to explain to me.
  • 蒸 = zhēng, to steam, but there's a two-word expression for this when used for cooking.
  • 以為 = yǐ wéi /consider (that)/believe/
  • 躲 = duǒ /avoid/get out of way/to hide/to go into hiding/
  • 躲藏 = duǒ cáng /hide/
  • 水培法 = shuǐpéifǎ = hydroponics
  • 水栽法 = shuǐ zāi fǎ = hydroponics
  • 辣木 = la4 mu4 = moringa tree
  • 精神虐待 = jīng shén nüè dài = psychological/mental abuse/torture


  • 純鹼 chún jiǎn /sodium carbonate Na2CO3/soda ash/same as 碳酸鈉|碳酸鈉/ (Note that this is NOT sodium bicarbonate, aka baking soda.)


  • 碳酸氫鈉 = tàn suān qīng nà = /sodium bicarbonate
  • 蘇打粉 = sū dá fěn = /baking soda/

Cars and motorcycles

  • 節流 jié liú /to control flow/to choke/weir valve/a throttle/a choke/


  • Certificate of deposit (CD)
    • 存款單 cún kuǎn dān
    • 存款證 cún kuǎn zhèng
    • 定存 ding4 cun2
  • Bank account
    • 賬戶 zhang4 hu4


  • 聊天室 liáo tiān shì /chat room/
  • 討論區 tǎo lùn qū /forum (esp. online)/discussion area/feedback/
  • 博客 bó kè /web log/blog/blogger/ Mainland China
  • 部落格 bù luò gé /blog (phonetic)/ Taiwan
  • 維基 wéi jī /wiki (Internet)/
  • 字典 zì diǎn /dictionary/character dictionary/CL:本[ben3]/
  • 回首頁 hui2 shou3 ye4 = return to home page


An announcement posted at on 091016:

  • 高屏地區受到位於東北季風背風面,大氣擴散條件不良,局部地區臭氧濃度偏高,空氣品質達不良等級。環保署呼籲,過敏族群儘量避免戶外劇烈活動。
    • 過敏 guò mǐn to be allergic, allergy,
      族群 zú qún ethnic group,
      劇烈 jù liè violent, acute, severe, fierce,
      不良 bù liáng bad, harmful, unhealthy,
      臭氧 chòu yǎng ozone (O3),
      濃度 nóng dù (n) viscosity; consistency; thickness,
      劇烈 jù liè violent, acute, severe, fierce,

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