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Notes on using the tools at Formosahut: Updated regularly (General)

by dan @, Friday, August 26, 2011, 20:17 (2249 days ago)

Edit 200220: Anyone can now post given tightened spam functions available. If we get spammed, I'll simply delete this edit and revert to the below settings.

Due to a ridiculous amount of spam, new registrations will need to be activated by the admin. If you're in a hurry, activation will happen a lot faster if you send a short email to dan at

Until you get your own account, you can post using the guest account: username: guest; password: formosahut. I may have to disable that account in the future if it gets abused.

The wiki
I've turned off the ability to add attachments to wiki pages as a security measure. Attachments on the wiki never worked well anyway; they don't display on the wiki page by default. If you want to show a picture on a wiki page, the easiest way is to put it anywhere on the Internet (even the forum on FH, for example) and link to it on the wiki.


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