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by dulan drift ⌂, Wednesday, May 24, 2023, 07:37 (425 days ago)

News: The NSW Police Commissioner has come under fire from a former magistrate for choosing not to release, let alone watch, bodycam footage of an elderly nursing home resident being tasered by police.

Senior Constable Kristin White, 33, used force against 95-year-old Yallambie Lodge resident Clare Nowland last Wednesday, when she refused to drop a steak knife she had in her possession.

It’s alleged he tasered Ms Nowland, who weighs just 45kg and suffers from dementia, as she “slowly” approached the officer with the aid of her walker.

The grandmother is now receiving end-of-life care, after she fell to the floor and hit her head during the incident.

This incident is so Aussie. It's indicative of the aggressive police-state mentality that has become entrenched in the country. It comes from a long line of police brutality acts that were committed against peaceful lockdown protesters during Covid, including:

The scary thing is, the more the police/governments ramp up this brutality, the more popular they become. The Andrews Government in Victoria, which was the worst of the lot, was emboldened by an 80% popularity rate!

The irony is that Australians used to see themselves as rebellious. Now they are the most compliant people on earth. Folklore figures representing dissent such as Ned Kelly, The Jolly Swagman, or Peter Lalor are as far removed from the modern Aussie culture as you could possibly get.

Australia has become a sad case study of how the mob-mentality can be manipulated to eradicate fundamental freedoms/human rights.

74-year-old double maced during peaceful lockdown protests

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