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by dulan drift, Thursday, December 30, 2021, 10:53 (20 days ago)

This story about 'pandemic law' violators being paraded through the streets in Baise City in Guangxi's Jingxi County is interesting for two reasons.

1. The obvious - it's a frightening Brave New World style humiliation of dissenters re the new normal bio-state.

2. There were adverse reactions to it in China.

Beijing News: It is clear that it has gone far beyond the scope of discipline in accordance with the law. Even for the purpose of epidemic prevention, measures that seriously violate the spirit of ruling the country by law cannot be allowed to reappear, and relevant targeted punishments cannot be separated from the scope of the rule of law.

Netizens also criticized the parade as harking back the Cultural Revolution. Shows that even in China, there's not unquestioning support for bio-state enforcement.


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