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Lockdowns (General)

by dulan drift, Tuesday, February 02, 2021, 17:39 (32 days ago)

Snap 5-day lockdown in Western Australia after one case - first in 10 months. It's like premier Mark McGowan was itching to do it. A bushfire on the outskirts of Perth adds to the drama.

"We cannot be sure that the virus is not out there in the community, so by taking every extra precaution, we give ourselves the best chance of crushing this virus."

"Right now WA is battling two different kinds of emergencies - a dangerous fire emergency and a Covid-19 lockdown emergency."

I'd argue three kinds - including Premiers getting off on totalitarianism.

The report concludes:

"About 250 firefighters - who are wearing masks and socially distancing - are battling the blaze but struggling in the hot and windy conditions, said Western Australia deputy fire commissioner Craig Waters."


by dan @, Tuesday, February 02, 2021, 18:27 (32 days ago) @ dulan drift

"By global standards, it is a very low risk as the city has reported just one local case. But the city of two million people entered a snap five-day lockdown on Sunday after that case - the first local infection in Western Australia in 10 months - was found."

What? Locking down two million people due to one case? The death rate for this virus just doesn't warrant that, does it?

We'll be moving to the Tokyo area soon, and it's getting a few hundred cases a day, but still the government doesn't force any lock down. They don't actually have the authority to do so according to my understanding.


by dulan drift, Wednesday, February 03, 2021, 10:27 (31 days ago) @ dan

The political climate in Australia is growing more and more disturbing. Covid has seen a massive rise in the power/profiles of the state premiers - most of them cannot help themselves.

The federal government has chosen to watch on from the safety of the sidelines - a pathetic abdication of responsibility.

Interestingly, one state, New South Wales, has handled things pretty well in difficult circumstances. The premier has avoided the knee-jerk reactions of draconian lockdowns and border closures and instead concentrated on improving quarantine security for overseas returnees, and rapid contact tracing for the inevitable cases that slip through. It's proven successful.

She has begged other states to refrain from border closures every time someone sneezes in another state - but has been ignored and abused for not listening to the advice of health experts.

Luckily we're printing money by the truckloads so it doesn't seem to matter anymore if you trash the economy.

Lockdowns - Bespoke Facilities

by dulan drift, Thursday, February 04, 2021, 18:58 (30 days ago) @ dulan drift

Daniel Andrews, Vic Premier:

"I am always happy to sit down with the prime minister and see if there are some bespoke facilities that can be built.

That might give you some greater capacity and might be useful not just for this pandemic but events that could occur in the future. Bushfires, all sorts of different things.

Emergency housing that is fit for purpose and built for that purpose and can be open and get bigger and smaller as the needs call for, that wouldn’t be a bad thing to have a network of that all the way across the country. We don’t have that now – I would be happy to talk to the commonwealth government about that."

Great idea. Didn't China develop a pre-fab kit for that already to re-educate the Uighurs? We can just buy some of those as part of Dan's Belt and Road Initiative - he could get us a good deal.

Lockdowns - Dan Andrews - Feb 12-17, 2021

by dulan drift, Wednesday, February 17, 2021, 07:24 (17 days ago) @ dulan drift

48 hours after bragging that Victoria set the "gold-standard" for hotel quarantine (as an excuse for why they couldn't take their fair share of returned travelers compared to NSW), another quarantine outbreak occurred in Victoria.

The 'outbreak' was/is not serious - it has resulted in zero to two cases per day. The response: a snap 5-day lockdown. Another one. The last one went for 111 days.

This time the lockdown covers the entire state - even though there wasn't/isn't any hint of a case outside Melbourne. There hasn't been a Covid death anywhere in Australia since Oct.

Residents have been ordered to stay home, forbidden to travel more than 5km, only allowed out once a day for shopping, made to wear a mask whenever outdoors. So a farmer in Mildura - over 400kms away, needs to wear a mask to plough his field.

Outdoor activities such as golf and fishing are banned. Even if you do it by yourself.

Yes, we know Dan Andrews is an ego-maniac wanna-be dictator - but i don't really blame him anymore - he's just doing what any ego-maniac politician would do - grabbing power/attention for himself.

The problem is the federal government and the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. He's been MIA since Covid began and handed over power to the state premiers, whereupon they've run amok (with the exception of NSW, which has handled things sensibly).

The underlying problem to this problem is the Funny Money Theory. If you had to pay for your decisions with real money, politicians would be seeing things in a totally different light - but as we just keep cranking the money printing machine up, no-one feels the need to take responsibility for their actions.

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