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Strange Storm (Weather)

by dulan drift, Friday, August 12, 2016, 18:02 (824 days ago)

Interesting scenario going on at the moment.

A tropical depression, which came down as a low from around Okinawa (a-la Nari), then entered Taiwan around Hualien or even Taidong, is now dawdling its way across the island.

No massive falls so far - rain here is off and on - but quite heavy when it's 'on' - one of those disorganized storms, but you can see on the animated radar that it's definitely cyclonic.

Brian and Minshu's shop has been inundated - an old disused gully trap started to explode water when the outlet got blocked. The inlet, however, was working fine, and the result was like having a burst fire hydrant in the middle of your shop whenever it rained hard.


Strange Storm

by dan @, Friday, August 12, 2016, 23:05 (823 days ago) @ dulan drift

Yep, it looks like you're in for it. Too bad about Brian and Minshu's shop. Maybe they should open up one of those shrimp fishing things when it rains? Or... fish for beers?


Strange Storm

by dulan drift, Saturday, August 13, 2016, 08:03 (823 days ago) @ dan

Haha! I will suggest that to them.

We did finally nanage to unplug the drain but it was a big job. Apart from the pipe there's an open gutter that it then flowed into that wends its way through the whole Sugar Factory - that was also backing up and had to be dug out - a job that i guess hadn't been done since the Japanese were here.

Looks like it's still hanging around, so we can expect another day of it at least, though from my end, i'm happy. The temp has dropped off a lot and i can take a break from watering things for a while

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