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Murder-Suicide of Miramar Resort Owners (General)

by dulan drift, Friday, April 22, 2016, 15:36 (908 days ago)

Not sure how i missed this, but it seems the Miramar brothers ended up as victimes of their own greed. Two of the brothers were shot dead at a meeeting by a third brother who then shot himself!

Murder-Suicide of Miramar Resort Owners

by dan @, Saturday, April 23, 2016, 03:29 (907 days ago) @ dulan drift

Wow. All that money and still tormented by greed and pride.

But there's something missing here.

"Overall, 13 shots were fired, while nine bullets remained in the pistol, police said."

First of all, that's 22 rounds. According to results of a quick search on Wikipedia, the highest-capacity Tanfoglio pistol only holds 18 rounds. See and If that's right, he was either using a modified pistol or he reloaded. Either detail would have been newsworthy.

But it also means he emptied 12 shots into his brothers. He was angry! Or he fired at the other one who ran away. Sounds a little to me like the shooter may have let him get away. Those offices of the 0.01% aren't small.

But there's no mention at all in the article about the use of what in Taiwan would be considered an exotic weapon. I guess if you're that rich, you're allowed to carry a gun.

More world class reporting from our favorite rag!

Murder-Suicide of Miramar Resort Owners

by dulan drift, Saturday, April 23, 2016, 18:23 (907 days ago) @ dan

Yeah, three of the Taidong council's multi-billionaire gwan xi friends dead in one day. That can't be good.

Dan, i think you and i should apply for the positions of joint-chief investigators on this case, coz you are dead right, there are a few details that seem worthy of further examination. Failing that, let's get working on the Hollywodd script!

And yeah, 12 shots to their heads is a lot and would presumably have involved reloading to make absolutely sure.

There was another article that mentioned the shooter shot himself and then also jumped over the balcony - i would be interested to know how that transpired as well.

Another article from China Post:

Murder-Suicide of Miramar Resort Owners

by dan @, Sunday, April 24, 2016, 07:38 (906 days ago) @ dulan drift

Well, that other report just makes things even muckier. I mean, aside from the fact that he went to a meeting with his brothers with a fully loaded high-capacity weapon.... and then some... aside from the fact that that indicates premeditation... aside from all that, and that differing counts between these articles on who was actually present... and the odd bullet count...aside from all that....

they are worth over 3.5 BILLION US, and that's on the books, so let's say 6 BILLION US. Just that family.

For God's sake why is this not a crazy story? It's like, OK, bad day at the office. We'll move on.

Somebody got away with murder in a big, big way it would seem.

Murder-Suicide of Miramar Resort Owners

by dulan drift, Monday, April 25, 2016, 10:55 (905 days ago) @ dan

Yes, an incredible story, and one wonders if it's terrible journalism, or was some of that 3.5 bil used to kill the story. 3 billionaires dead in the most drmatic circumstances imaginable and it's barely a blimp on the newsfeed. The equivalent might be Warren Buffet walking into his boardroom and shooting everyone dead and it gets a few column inches on Page 3.

Still so many unanswered questions, as you mentioned. There was some suggestion that the shooter was involved in some dodgy development schemes that went south and then wanted money from the family pot to cover these losses - i do wonder if Miramar was a key part of that - it was definitely dodgy and definitely turned into a massive money pit for the family.

I am also very curious about the shooter's supposed 'ties to underworld figures'. Which figures and to what degree? And presumably if he had ties to gangsters, and he was a director of the company, and the other brothers had ties to him, then by extension, they all had ties to gangsters. Sounds like the shooter was much more into playing the flashy gangster role, while the others were maybe a bit more discreet about it.

Murder-Suicide of Miramar Resort Owners

by dan @, Wednesday, May 11, 2016, 05:24 (889 days ago) @ dulan drift

I find this interesting, "Huang Ming-tang (黃明堂), the fifth son in the family, later remarked that "misfortune has fallen onto our family."

Well. misfortune may have fallen on the family, but it looks like a huge fortune just fell into his lap.

Murder-Suicide of Miramar Resort Owners

by dulan drift, Wednesday, May 11, 2016, 07:55 (889 days ago) @ dan

Trying to work out where Huang Chun-fu (黃春福), the chairman of Miramar, and Huang Chun-fa, also involved in the hotel arm of the group, fit into all this.

If, and that's a big 'if', the TT article is correct, then:

Father: Huang Jung-tu (黃榮圖), deceased, natural causes
Brother 1:??
Brother 2: Huang Ming-huang (黃明煌), shot dead, initial target of shooter
Brother 3: Huang Ming-jen (黃明仁),intervened and was shot dead
Brother 4: Huang Ming-te (黃明德), aged 54, shooter
Brother 5: Huang Ming-tang (黃明堂),hid in another room and called police
Brother 6:???

Are there only 6 brothers?
Which brothers are from which marriages?

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