Boeing (General)

by dan, Monday, July 08, 2024, 19:23 (14 days ago) @ dulan drift

There's also an underlying thread here regarding automated systems.

The Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) software feature was designed to automatically push the airplaneā€™s nose down in certain conditions.

This sounds like, OK, yes, we're in part to blame but the real problem was that the automated system was at fault and we (fill in the blank: didn't test it enough, didn't train pilots on it enough, etc.)

As robots and automation replace humans, it will be even easier for corporations to avoid responsibility for all sorts of things. Run over by a self-driven car? Oops! Space junk blast through your roof? Freak accident, nobody to blame.

Autonomous multi-ton vehicle causing problems? Don't blame us!

As these systems take over, paying the fines will just be part of the business.

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