Japan 2024 earthquake (General)

by dan, Monday, March 04, 2024, 17:49 (140 days ago) @ dan

The 2024 New Years Day Japan earthquake continues to lead the 5-minute morning English NHK news summary I download every day. One of the most outstanding effects of the quake, aside from the 250+ lives lost and massive human suffering, people still living in cars and shelters with no running water, etc., is that the traditional fishing industry has been destroyed by the decrease in depth of the bay.

The seabed on the harbor rose by 1.5 meters due to the quake.

In related news, Japan agency warns of more quakes as temblors continue east of Tokyo.

Japan's weather agency has warned of more earthquakes in Chiba Prefecture east of Tokyo following a series of temblors in recent days, detecting a movement known as "slow slip" in tectonic plates off the coast.

The slow-slip event is believed to be occurring off the Boso Peninsula on the boundary between the continental plate and the Philippine Sea plate, according to the Geospatial Information Authority.

An abnormal crustal movement was detected from around Monday. Based on data collected through Wednesday, up to about 2 centimeters of slippage is estimated to have occurred on the plate boundary surface, the organization said Friday.


Hats off to the associated Japanese agencies for identifying and measuring this tectonic activity.

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