Shanyuan pre Meiliwan (General)

by dan, Friday, April 07, 2023, 16:00 (472 days ago) @ dulan drift

That's back in the day! I'd guess 1980s or early 90s There are even yachts on the beach.

I think it must have been 93 or thereabouts. Maybe 92 sometime.

Looks like it might even predate the camp ground. Does it? Can you remember taking it?

Yeah, we took a road trip, obviously. There was a restaurant on the roadside above the beach and we parked there, a very small shack of a restaurant.

Unfortunately, the efforts to have Miramar Resort demolished have fallen short. Protesters were able to stop it from opening, but couldn't get it torn down, or anyone charged with corruption.

Of course. There's value in that building. They're waiting for the generation that fought it to die off.

It's a metaphor for a lot of things - like Covid for instance. Against David V Goliath odds, we were able to show that it was likely a lab-exit, but fell short of getting anyone held responsible, or dismantling the system that caused it.

Yep! Just wait one generation, 20 years or so, and nobody gives a shit. Now it seems it only takes 8-10 years for collective memory to lapse.

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