Virality Project and Stanford Cyber Policy Center (General)

by dan, Sunday, March 19, 2023, 15:58 (491 days ago) @ dan

There's a lot in those above links to digest.

What's clear is that it was a program designed purely for the purpose of censorship. And they weren't just targeting the obviously batshit crazy theories (i.e., microchips in vaccines) but also truths (i.e., vaccine relationships to myocarditis). Their purpose is to silence any resistance to the push to have everyone vaccinated.


If someone wants to believe that a vaccine has a microchip in it, so what? People believe in God, and we think that's OK. Microchips have been proven to exist at least.

But here's what really bugs me. Why are they choosing censorship above education? Rather than trying to silence every dissenting voice, why not promote the ability to read and think critically? Why not push for in-depth, open debate so people have more to go on than sound bites?

The problem is not that somebody believes there's a microchip in a vaccine, it's that they're too damn uneducated to think critically and analyze information, so why not try to fix that problem?

But they're doing more than that. They're trying to silence all critical, informed debate, silence any tweet or blog post that discusses anything that doesn't toe the line.

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