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It looks like this post may have been lost in the carnage. Posts from last night (July 22, 2021) until today noonish were lost I think.

Reply by dulan drift
Subject: Wellcome Trust - China Kadoorie Bio-bank - Farrar

China Kadoorie Bio-bank website: --> The CKB is being conducted jointly by University of Oxford .. and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS).[/i]

More interesting bed-fellows...

*China Kadoorie Bio-bank website:* The long-term continuation of the study is supported by the Wellcome Trust, with further support in China from the Chinese Natural Science Foundation and *Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology*.

Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology - in a Totalitarian regime - that extracts DNA --> from/organ harvests --> prisoners of conscience. Of all you brainiacs with immense power, not one of you thought jumping into bed with the CCP to shape the future of humanity might be a bad idea?
China Kadoorie Bio-bank website:* The information generated will advance our understanding of .. *aetiology* not only in China but also in other countries.

Had to look 'aetiology' up. It means ‘the study of root causes’. Cool - me too.

Which led to this: Farrar was one of the original ‘world-leading experts’ that signed, then pushed the Lancet Statement -->

This statement, arguably, was a 'root cause' for the international spread of Covid. We’ll examine that next...

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