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Remdesivir - Daszak - Shi (General)

by dulan drift, Thursday, February 04, 2021, 17:13 (25 days ago) @ dulan drift

Peter Daszak:

"We (EcoHealth-Daszak) worked with the scientists (WIV-Shi) behind the breakthrough drug Remdesivir to show that it was effective against known human coronaviruses and the viruses we suspected might be the next to emerge. We raised the red flag on these viruses and pointed out their potential to cause the next pandemic."

So, you discovered - through GoF experiments - a drug - that not only showed efficacy against the virus you were genetically altering - but also became the go-to therapeutic for Covid? Good job! What are the odds?! You hit upon the 1 in 1.7 mil (undiscovered viruses - which are perpetually evolving) jackpot right there in downtown Wuhan?! Right where the outbreak would coincidentally happen. That's pure genius. What incredible foresight!

Guessing a shit load of money went down with that there Remdesivir deal - coincidentally - trust you got your just desserts Dazza - for your heroic efforts?

Was it stock, a retainer deal, EcoHealth funding...?

Or just the goodness of your heart?

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