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Aussie crack-squad execute Afghani coz no room on helicopter (General)

by dulan drift, Saturday, October 24, 2020, 11:36 (133 days ago) @ dan

These are examples of what happens when you replace 'truth' with 'narrative'.

The truth is: kids were separated from their parents and traumatized for life.

The narrative is: We need to deter illegal immigrants and stop drug dealers and rapists.

Once you've made that leap from 'Well, the truth's all fine and good - but in the 'real world', this is what you need to do to get results...' - that's where the fog of unaccountability settles in the valley.

Exponents inevitably say they have 'valid reasons' for why they can't tell the truth - they'll talk about a 'higher truth' - but now, as a ruling elite, you're in a zone where you can justify whatever the fuck dark impulses you've got using the same thought pattern. Tear children out of their parents arms, shoot bound prisoners, process people through Uyghur-style Vocational Training Centres...

The above are symptomatic of a larger phenomenon that's gone super sonic with the internet. Controlling the narrative. Control the narrative = Control the earth

My depth of feeling for humanity is about normal or slightly less. It's impeded by the knowledge that human thought is not inherently good. It can be amazing, but it's prone to being corrupted - it's greedy and depraving. Huxley would argue that amongst those driven to seek and maintain power, there exists a predilection towards that state.

It's definitely a battle of ideas. With 'freedom to express ideas', being what's at stake.

As with the fight to preserve natural environment - if that battle's lost - it's gone forever.

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