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Mysterious Seed Packages (General)

by dulan drift, Friday, August 28, 2020, 13:18 (192 days ago) @ dan

There is an explanation out there that the seeds are part of a scam called 'brushing', which involves sending someone a low-cost item then writing a fake review using the personal details of the recipient. It's a way to bolster reviews, which are critical for sales.

The article says if you receive an item it's an indication your data has been previously scraped and is now being shopped around on the dark web. Meaning you will be targeted for scams - until you die - probably even after.

Brushing, supposedly, is one of the most benign exploitations you'll be subjected to.

The article says if your details have been scraped, there's nothing you can do about it. The advice was 'don't give out your personal details willy nilly on the internet'.

I wanted to post a comment in the forum discussing the article - but you had to give your personal details to sign up.

(It would be a good business in our brave new world offering a 'washing' service - new name, address...)

The brushing explanation sounds plausible but doesn't quite explain the seeds. Presumably sending seeds internationally breaks all kinds of bio-security laws so why would you run that risk? - just brush people domestically for that item.

It also doesn't explain why the alleged Chinese spy in Taiwan would have a post office account connected to the delivery of the seeds.

Guess if you're a crook who scrapes and sells data to whoever the fuck, you'd just see the CCP asjust good customers.

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