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Justin Huang's ill-fated comeback (General)

by dulan drift, Saturday, June 20, 2020, 22:37 (168 days ago)

Notorious ex-Taitung Chief magistrate, Justin Huang somehow managed to get himself nominated by President Tsai as the next Vice-President of the Control Yuan. The Control Yuan is an oversight branch of Taiwanese government - similar to an ombudsman. In fact they investigated and castigated Huang's county government over their handling of Miramar.

In a good sign of the health of Taiwan's democracy, there was an uproar when it leaked out that he was the nomination - in fact there was rare cross party consensus in the opposition against it. The KMT was pissed coz he hadn't sought pre-approval from the party before accepting a DPP nomination - several DPP members rebelled and spoke out against it - New Power Party pointed out that having a convicted pharma-money launderer and serial perverter of justice (regarding the resort) in an ethics watchdog role was not a good idea, and even PFP was against it.

As a result, the press conference at which the President was going to announce the nomination was "indefinitely cancelled". Initially Huang tried to ride the storm out but the next day even he saw the writing on the wall and announced that he was withdrawing from the nomination.

The question remains, how the hell did Tsai Ing-wen come to choose him in the first place? I'm shaking my head coz i thought she was better than that.

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