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Proximal Origins - Uyghurs 2 (General)

by dulan drift, Wednesday, June 17, 2020, 17:59 (161 days ago) @ dulan drift

So excuse my crassness - but say we pull this off - show that our little system works - then money wise ...
We're gonna be rich men, don't worry Sherlock.
You already are a fucking rich man Lindstrom!
Ok, it sounds ... perfect. Who are these terrorists again?
How to spell that i want to google it
I don’t know .. W something. Try 'Xinjiang terrorists'.
How about the data - how does that work - we like go in there…?
No the data it's all be uploaded to Hansen's platform directly - we’ll be able to see it the second it’s available.
So that’s all the Chinese want - just disease prevention? How about criminal profiling?
Yeah well that too of course. You know it’s just like identifying a virus - the sooner you can predict it, the sooner you can stop it spreading.
Yeah, we all get that, but it’s kinda - how to put it - controversial
Well that’s the beauty of doing business in China - they don’t care about that - they’re looking big picture
Yeah - but how about the rest of the world? You know people are gonna try and make out it’s like … I’m assuming there’s not necessarily consent involved in collecting the DNA, is there?
I don’t know. You know what? I don’t really care. If it can identify terrorists the same way it identifies viruses then how is that a bad thing?
But other people will care - Gretzki wrote that paper…
That's exactly my point. Who knows or cares about fucking old Gretzki? Just because we think about this stuff all the time doesn't mean others do. You didn’t even know who the fuck the Uyghurs were until i told you five minutes ago. I told you it's literally the middle of fucking nowhere. Nobody knows, nobody cares.
Yeah, and if they do, they’ll be too gutless to say anything coz China’s running their economy haha
Anyway - it's not like we're fucking rapists and murderers - we're doing this because we believe it can save lives.
I agree, that's what we gotta keep sight of - like we said before, we’re not here to be politicians - except you of course Lindstrom - how’s your buddy President Xi doing?
He’s doing fine. But he wants an answer promptly.
Yeah, just out of curiosity, we say ‘no’ - then what happens
Nothing. Well not nothing - you won’t get disappeared or anything if that’s what you’re worried about. But all those nice honorary professorships and sweet joint facility deals - that’d cease to exist as a thing - i’d imagine.
Like i said, just curious
So is that a yes?

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