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Taiwan Weather 2020 (Weather)

by dulan drift, Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 07:29 (203 days ago) @ dulan drift

A note on wet-bulb temps:

Wet-bulb temp is what the temp would be if the thermometer bulb was covered in a wet cloth. In low humidity, water would evaporate from the cloth making the reading cooler. In high humidity less water evaporates meaning the the thermometer reading would stay closer to that of the naked bulb. If there was 100% humidity no water would evaporate from the cloth meaning the reading on the wet-bulb thermometer would be the same as a naked bulb.

"The highest values in the world are about 30-31C, during the worst heat/humidity events in India, the Amazon, and a few other very humid places."

A WBT of 35C would be fatal to most humans exposed to it. We haven't reached that level yet so far as i'm aware.

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