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Depressing headlines (General)

by dan @, Wednesday, May 06, 2020, 05:50 (210 days ago)

These are the top six headlines on at this moment:

Cops arrest armed men, Texas bar owner who violated order to close - Sheriff said armed men were there to intimidate officers.

Costco limits meat purchases in U.S. as supply shortages loom

One in five Wendy's is out of beef, analyst says

Amazon is cracking down on protesters and organizing, workers say

Barack Obama will headline televised prime-time commencement

HK protesters say they were tortured in prison.

The only good news here is that we'll see a bit more of Barack Obama for a day. The most distressing headlines are probably that first one and the last. A meat shortage doesn't bother me except it might lead to desperation and, hence, more headlines like the first.

I haven't read the stories yet.

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