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Alternative Explanations for Geologic Formations (General)

by dan @, Monday, April 27, 2020, 15:52 (220 days ago)

Seeing as I am, like a lot of other people, working from home a lot more recently, I've had time to watch some interesting stuff.

This Rogan podcast (you need to watch the video for the maps) is pretty persuasive with regards to what the guests are claiming. In short, their claim is that there were advanced civilizations prior to 12,000 years ago, and that these civilizations were wiped out by cataclysmic events, mainly a flood resulting from a meteor strike that melted the massive ice at the time.

It makes sense, as they point out, that the hunters and gatherers that were around then were the ones to survive. Just as we still have hunters and gatherers on the planet now, and they would be more likely to survive any cataclysm than those of us living in cities.

But the guests base all of this on geological record, which is very well documented, particularly in the second half of the 3-hour+ program. It's very compelling, particularly because they don't claim without exception that their hypothesis is true, but rather that mainstream science cannot continue to ignore the evidence.

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