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Australian summer 2019-20 (Weather)

by dulan drift, Monday, October 07, 2019, 10:31 (243 days ago)

Today is the hottest day since last year's record hot summer so i guess the new one has begun. Out of the blocks early since it's Oct 7 - technically summer is not supposed to start until Dec. At 38C i'm living in the hottest place in Australia today - which is pretty good going. It's 12 above average for this area, but somehow it doesn't even feel unusual, just the new norm

At this stage it seems like the places that copped a brutal summer last year (mid-northern nsw and qld) are in the gun again - we're one hot windy day away from a another flare up of bushfires. Meanwhile down south in the traditional bushfire belt, it's still mild and they've had good winter rains, which usually bodes for a quieter fire season.


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