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Veronica and Trevor (Weather)

by dulan drift, Monday, March 25, 2019, 17:11 (437 days ago) @ dan

I've also found that the CWB does a far better job than the Japan weather bureau site. It could be that the CWB just does a better job of presenting the data.

Yes, i remember trying to track typhoons through Japan and finding it difficult to get data compared to CWB. As you said, presumably they've all got the same digital collection technology, it's just how do you present that to the public. Also liked CWB's 'top ten' chart - gives you immediate real-time data on where the action is.

Because large parts of Aus are so flat, systems, and their remnants can bowl along inland for quite a ways. There would be some places that have barely seen a drop of rain in five years getting 200 mil before lunchtime.

Everyone here talks about Cyclone Debbie in 2016, which wended it's way inland all the way down to where i am - it ended up dropping 600 mm in the mountains and over 300 here. In fact, according to the article, all the big floods here (1954, 1974, 2016) have been cyclone remnants.

After two days of insufferable heat we should get some incoming as soon as tonight. BOM (the Aus CWB) is predicting up to 45 mm on both of the next two days - so a decent downpour but not 'man the sandbags', supposedly.

Potentially, New Zealand could cop the worst of it - from the sat it looks like they're getting the combined outflow from both Trevor and Veronica. I hope that doesn't happen, they've had enough trauma there already.



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