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South Queensland cyclone (Weather)

by dan @, Monday, February 18, 2019, 07:24 (583 days ago) @ dulan drift

Well, it's only 4 months of really cold weather. The rest of the year is absolutely beautiful. Excellent summers. Mountains, ocean, clean, no traffic, cheap. Plus, the pay and benefits are really good, and after spending probably too long in the low paying Taiwan public university system, I need good pay and benefits for a while before I can retire. I get 2.5 months/year off also, which helps.

And, although I paint a pretty grim picture of the winters here, in fact they aren't nearly as cold as most 'cold' places such as the upper midwest of the US or most anywhere of this latitude. We just get a lot of snow. It's supposed to get up to 5C today and 8C tomorrow. We don't get any of that -15C nonsense.

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