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Australian bushfire season 2018-19 (Weather)

by dulan drift, Sunday, December 02, 2018, 13:16 (550 days ago) @ dulan drift

NW winds are gusting up but not as strong as a few days ago, around 20-40kph. Temp: 41. You know it's dry when you're clothes washing is ready to take in 10 minutes after you hung it out, albeit with a slight smoky flavour.

If you stand out in it, the weather has this 'otherworldly' feeling - a 'future-gone-bad' movie -. there's an awesome menace to it.

360 degree smoke haze so hard to know exactly where the fires are, but can assume from what I saw a few days ago.

In the Warrill Hill/Harrissville/Boonah/Kalbah/Aratula area there are at least four 'Permit fires' burning in the scenic rim mountains. Bush residents in those areas would want to be on alert.

One or more of those is to the north west of here which is where the wind is coming from.


Bushfire sunset


OfficialPermit Burn map from the Queensland Rural Fire Authority, late Nov 2018


This photo was taken on Oct 26. Around that time there were farmers lighting fires galore. As a Victorian, it was a shock, especially as no efforts appeared to be being made to put them out. With below average rains they just kept smouldering away


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