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Earthquakes everywhere (General)

by dan @, Friday, August 24, 2018, 18:29 (274 days ago) @ dulan drift

A lot of those typhoons came north to Japan this year. We're getting rain from one now, and we're way up north.

Just had a 7.1 in Peru. so there's the big one in South America. I'm still guessing there's something big in store for the west coast of North America. And Taiwan perhaps, but I'd bet within the next 6-8 months there's going to be a 7+ in North America somewhere, likely near the coast. Will it be southern California or the Great Northwest? Yes. Either one.

There hasn't been anything over a 6.5 on the west coast for a many years as far as I can remember.

Here's an article, published eight months ago, on why there was a prediction for a greater number of strong earthquakes this year:

And another: .

So, the scientists were right. Very right. And we have much of the year to go.

From the first article:

Bilham and Bendick found that there had been periods of around five years when Earth’s rotation slowed by such an amount several times over the past century and a half. Crucially, these periods were followed by periods when the numbers of intense earthquakes increased.

“It is straightforward,” said Bilham. “The Earth is offering us a five-year heads-up on future earthquakes.”

This link is particularly important because Earth’s rotation began one of its periodic slowdowns more than four years ago. “The inference is clear,” said Bilham. “Next year we should see a significant increase in numbers of severe earthquakes. We have had it easy this year. So far we have only had about six severe earthquakes. We could easily have 20 a year starting in 2018.”

So this appears to really be a solid tool for earthquake prediction, albeit generally.

Here's a cool video that does not reflect most recent activity:

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