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Escalating Earthquake Sequence Hualien (General)

by dulan drift, Friday, February 09, 2018, 16:52 (493 days ago) @ dan

Helluva lot of 'earthquake clouds' around - for the past month really, since the Jan 1 quakes here

This set is just north of Green Island around noon - have also seen a lot up towards Hualien or Cheng Gong (hard to judge) as well as to the south west around Luye (roughly)


Given the historical patterns, it would be wise for people living along the coast from Hualien to Taidong to be on alert

People think there's nothing you can do to prepare for an earthquake but there are a few things

The main one is use metal brackets to attach your large upright bits of furniture to the wall

You can also tape cupboards closed if you there's an upsurge in activity

The recent earthquakes do seem to be marked by a series of fore-shocks so despite what the experts say, you can forecast a big one to some extent

If we start getting any movement here then I will be very concerned

Here are a few more examples from the previous week




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