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Earthquake upsurge Taidong (General)

by dulan drift, Tuesday, January 02, 2018, 08:09 (444 days ago)

5 earthquakes in Taidong in the last 24 hours makes it a pretty dramatic start to 2018. Four of those were in the same location, which seems a bit unusual. It's normal that they would be clustered together but these are coming from exactly the same spot, just north of Taidong city - right where Miramar hotel is in fact

Interestingly, in the days before there had been a period of slow internet connection, and I've wondered if there could be some co-relation as I've noticed this on previous occasions

Biggest of the quakes so far is 4.3 and they've all been shallow - so they do get your attention. However, the 4.3, the most recent one a few hours ago, didn't feel like the biggest - it was slightly deeper - there was a 4.1 an hour before that at 3 am that felt bigger and another 4.1 that began the sequence at 11.20 am on Jan 1 that also felt big. The depth has been shallow ranging from 9-15km

It's a bit unnerving in light of the experience just over a year ago where an upsurge in earthquakes culminated in a 5.3 right here and caused significant local damage and put everyone on edge


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