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Earthquake Warnings for Taiwan (General)

by dulan drift, Saturday, December 23, 2017, 20:54 (454 days ago)

Based on the formation of an 'earthquake cloud',Lin Chung-sen, the director of the Taiwan Earthquake Prediction Institute, a non-government body, issued an alert on Dec 20 for a possible major quake on the east coast within 7 days

According to Lin, the quake occurred the next day: a 5.7 off the coast of Ilan. It was quite deep and there were no reports of damage

Lin is agitating for more government action with regard to offical guidance re earthquake risk. Specifically he is asking CWB to:

"... immediately disclose available information on earthquakes such as instantaneous geomagnetic signal maps around Taiwan and set up earthquake prediction stations in all the strong earthquake areas ... as well as the daily release of earthquake prediction... because people have the right to know."

No one expects 100% accuracy but considering the vast amounts of public money used to fund earthquake research in Taiwan it's good for the public to get something back other than the usual radio silence


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