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Huge Earthquake Taidong (General)

by dulan drift, Wednesday, December 21, 2016, 22:01 (759 days ago) @ dulan drift

Dan, do have a fault line map of Taiwan handy?

I searched on-line and it's hard to find a detailed one. I vaguely remember we had something like that before and went through an old thread - Earthquake Activity - although it was interesting to read and very prescient in terms of the Tainan quake and the upsurge in activity here, i couldn't find a map

The reason i am interested in it is because a Professor, who wants to remain anonymous, analysed our quake and said that we should have seen the worst of things coz quake size is proportional to fault line length, and 'our' fault line is "only 30-40km long' which should only produce small to medium quakes.

I would love to believe this, and i do, but i'm still curious to check an accurate, academic paper type map of the fault line situation in this area. From one stock image map i saw, there seems to be a dirty big fault line way longer than 30-40 km long that runs right through Dong He, which is a bit close for comfort


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