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Strange Storm (Weather)

by dulan drift, Friday, August 12, 2016, 18:02 (824 days ago)

Interesting scenario going on at the moment.

A tropical depression, which came down as a low from around Okinawa (a-la Nari), then entered Taiwan around Hualien or even Taidong, is now dawdling its way across the island.

No massive falls so far - rain here is off and on - but quite heavy when it's 'on' - one of those disorganized storms, but you can see on the animated radar that it's definitely cyclonic.

Brian and Minshu's shop has been inundated - an old disused gully trap started to explode water when the outlet got blocked. The inlet, however, was working fine, and the result was like having a burst fire hydrant in the middle of your shop whenever it rained hard.


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