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Nepartak (Weather)

by dulan drift, Friday, July 08, 2016, 22:31 (1051 days ago) @ dan

'Holy fuck' pretty much encapsulates it. In fact it's right up there with Nari and 921 in terms of 'Holy fuckness'.

Had to chainsaw my way out today, starting from my own driveway and had a drive around. Holed up on a hill all night with the roaring rage of wind (and other weird sounds i'd never heard the wind make before, like a bassoon almost), i needed to get out and kind of calibrate.

That was very saddening and made me feel incredibly lucky as well. In Taidong city, there has been ferocious destruction. Cars flipped, roofs torn off, and wreckage strewn on every street that i drove on. Some of it can be put down to shoddy shop signage installation, but if the wind is strong enough to flip cars then it's gonna cause destruction. This typhoon was like a massive, slow moving tornado.




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