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Activists slam proposed water pollution act (General)

by dan @, Thursday, March 10, 2016, 04:44 (980 days ago)

This is bizarre:

"Water conservationists yesterday protested over a proposed amendment to the Water Pollution Control Act (水污染防治法), which would allow treated household wastewater to be added into groundwater systems.

According to the act, treated industrial wastewater can be added to groundwater to replenish groundwater systems if it does not contain pollutants or toxins, but other types of wastewater — mainly household effluent — are not subject to the same regulations. The EPA wants to revise the act to include all types of effluent."

First of all, nobody is going to check to see if the industrial wastewater has been treated. How can they after it's been injected into clean underground water reserves? But aside from that, it's just an insane idea. Underground water is largely being depleted by fish farms, so restricting those might be a first step to preserving ground water.

Wow... the last relatively clean source of water in Taiwan under attack. One nice thing about living in Pingtung City rather than Kaohsiung City was that, at least at the time, Pingtung City water was ground water while Kaohsiung's came from the Kaoping river, a horribly polluted cesspool.

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