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Taiwan government knew about rabies well over a year ago

I find it surprising that nobody is getting in trouble for this. If I knew of a serious, possibly life-threatening situation in my classroom a year ago but didn’t notify anybody, I’d at the very least get fired and possibly charged with criminal negligence. Rabies was discovered in Taiwan in May of 2012, but the […]

First human rabies case

This was bound to happen. Given the fact that the government knew about rabies on Taiwan for a YEAR but didn’t inform the public, chances are it’s far more widespread than they’re letting on. Man tests positive for rabies after pet bite A man in Taitung City tested positive for rabies last night after […]

Rabies returns to Taiwan

This is a pretty big story. With all the stray dogs in Taiwan, I suspect rabies will spread quite quickly. Just as disturbing is that it appears the government (Council of Agriculture) has been hiding from the public the fact that rabies has been back for more than a year. What were they going to […]