Jellyfish spotted in Love River under the Qixian bridge in Kaohsiung

Not too long ago, the only things you could expect to see floating in the Love River were garbage, raw sewage, used condoms, and an occasional corpse. How times have changed. The river is now full of life and generally odor free. Kaohsiung has managed to pull off a very positive transformation. The pictures are horrible, but today I saw many very large jellyfish in the river. An OGOB (old guy on bike) stopped to see what I was looking at, and informed me that they were common now. They had to be at least a foot in diameter, and there were more than I could count. Click on the pictures for larger images.


Jellyfish in Love River, Kaohsiung, December 2014


Jellyfish in Love River, Kaohsiung, December 2014

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