Buying Skype credit in Taiwan

Skype has recently started requiring people in Taiwan to buy Skype credit through PChome. Many people are finding that once they connect to Skype from within Taiwan, they can no longer add credit in the normal way, through the Skype web page, but instead are forwarded to PChome where they are required to divulge all sorts of personal information. This happens even if you created your account in another country, and it’s happening to people even after they return to the country in which they created their accounts. Skype, this sucks, and you suck.

There is a way around it, but it ain’t pretty. If you’re in Taiwan, create a new Skype account while you are logged in to a VPN. Then you can buy credit on that account in the normal way. I just tried this and it works. What I haven’t done yet is actually use that new account to call a land line, but when I do, I will be sure to turn on my VPN before I log in to that new account.

Before I created this new account, I did try to buy through my existing account while logged on to my VPN and after clearing my cache of all history, cookies, and sessions, but it didn’t work. Obviously owners of these accounts get flagged as being in Taiwan. It’s a really, really idiotic situation.

A better alternative is to dump Skype and use a different service. A couple options are Line and Viber.

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